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Jewellery Valuations

Professional independent jewellery appraisal services provided for the purpose of Insurance, Probate, Family Division / Divorce, Sale Between Parties  & Cash Liquidation on:

  • Jewellery, High-net Worth, Antique & Modern, Foreign & Asian, Polished & Rough Diamonds and all other gemstones.
  • Precious Metals
  • Watches & Clocks
  • Silver & Flatware
  • Mayoral Regalia
  • Jewellers Stock Audits
  • Professional documentation for your Insurer's  
    Includes digital images

    Why do I need a valuation?

    To make sure you receive the correct pay-out in the event of a claim, you need a professional valuer to examine your jewellery and to produce a formal document giving a precise description of each piece and confirming how their value has been determined.