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Burglary Jewellery Validation / Post-Loss Reports

Having undergone the trauma of a burglary, you may be surprised to know many insurers pass your jewellery claim to a "Claims Management company" or a "Loss Adjuster" to validate and attribute a settlement figure on your claim. They do not always use Institute of Registered Valuers to carry out a "Post Loss Assessment".

Valuing something after you have lost it often results in an under assessment of the lost items true value. Some claims management companies make settlement with vouchers, sometimes the settlement figure or method is not to your liking or perhaps inaccurate or contentious.

We are Specialists in handling Insurance Claims for Burglary when no previous professional valuation is available. We can capture the correct accurate descriptions of your loss.

Experienced Specialist Knowledge in assessing the value of your insurance claim. We validate all types of high street, antique, modern, branded and bespoke jewellery including Asian jewellery and watches. Fully competent in the historical, investigative evaluation of all jewellery and watches.

Sometimes we require substantiation such as photographs, receipts or previous valuations to assist us in providing an independent written validation or post loss assessment report, sometimes a face to face interview will assist.

Where items are damaged, it may be necessary for us to have them submitted for professional examination.

We can source jewellery and watches; this is available through our comprehensive international network of manufacturers supplying the retail jewellery trade. We can advise insurers on the salvage of jewellery and watches.