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  • One of our Consultants has been appointed to the NAJ's Education Steering Committee.
  • The role of the steering group is to recommend policy objectives to the National Committee and once adopted, monitor effective implementation by the executive.
  • The National Association of Jewellers provides a series of distance courses for the jewellery industry.
  • With the exception of the Certificate of Appraisal Theory, these courses are all termed "JET", short for jewellery education and training. They cover a range of topics from basic product and selling skills through to business and valuation expertise.

  • Professional Jewellers Diploma.
  • JET 1 Certificate.
  • JET 2 Diploma.
  • Professional Jewellers' Management Diploma.
  • Professional Jewellers' Business Development Diploma.
  • Certificate of Appraisal Theory (CAT) We are Tutors to the Certificate of Appraisal Theory Programme (CAT).
  • Do you have the desire to learn best valuation practice?
  • CAT is a modular programme of study with a self-learning approach that teaches the basic theories, methodologies and good working practices needed to become a competent jewellery valuer. It teaches the THEORY of HOW to VALUE.

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